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Brugest AG is an independent finance company that was built on value, trust and by delivering exceptional results for both our clients and our company. We are driven to be successful in all our clients' needs and aspirations.

Understanding investor needs

In these changeable and often uncertain times, it's not sufficient to just sell an investment product and expect it to do well. Our clients warrant more. We believe it's not only our duty but our responsibility to deliver our clients investment aspirations. We listen to their concerns so we can deliver the investments and advice that give the outcome they desire. That is what drives us. Through our global connections we make it our business to understand what's important and more importantly, what's not. We use this insight to generate bespoke, achievable strategies that cater to the actual not the perceived needs of our clients now and in the future so they can invest with confidence.

Global approach

As independent global investment advisors, we are able to draw upon our mutually gathered intelligence, experience and scale that serves the best interests of our investors. We value ingenuity and our investment teams are entrusted to finding and executing outstanding ideas. Studious research and vigorous risk management underpin every decision.

We are leaders in our field. We are a responsible company who, by supporting improved transparency and continuously better corporate governance, we shape new corporate behaviour that helps to reduce any perceived risks for our clients.

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