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Portfolio income & critical cashflow

Reduce exposure to market volatility

Fixed income investing is a critical element of our investment approach and often acts as the solid base or starting point of an overall portfolio. For clients that have a medium-term investment horizon and wish to avoid the volatility of the stock market it may even be preferable to have a portfolio comprised solely of fixed interest securities. The Brugest AG fixed interest team is made up of talented individuals that are highly specialized, their expertise in conjunction with our extensive research and analysis resources means that we can fulfill virtually any size and type of order in regards to bonds and fixed income securities.

The most attractive feature of owning individual bonds is that while the market price of these assets may fluctuate, the market does not control the income generated from these investments, nor can it affect the contractual obligation of the bond issuer to repay the principal at maturity.

Fixed to meet your income needs

Brugest AG will create a fixed income portfolio that will match your risk-tolerance and income requirements, this portfolio can be structured in a number of ways including laddering the maturity dates of the securities. For clients with a higher risk tolerance who seek greater potential income, we can construct a portfolio of higher yielding bonds; alternately, for more risk averse clients, we can focus our portfolio on the highest quality fixed income securities. Building a portfolio of individual bonds, including small cap equity, cash, corporate and municipal bonds is the core of our fixed income strategy.

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