Global Equities

Globally diversified equity management

Access to a range of global equity markets

Brugest AG's Global Equities desk provides clients, professional traders and asset managers with leading-edge market-data and real-time, minimum-latency trade execution. With these tools the Brugest AG continually scans the global markets, looking for opportunities that offer value and liquity whilst posing negligible risk. We cover all publically available stocks and shares as well as select low-risk private equity ventures.

Brugest AG employs a fundamentals-based approach to equity investing, studying in detail each company on their own merits, by conducting firsthand research we carefully weigh up factors such as management quality, the strength the company business model, valuations, competitive advantages and sustainability among other factors. We then build portfolios company by company, always considering any potential losses before considering what can be gained.

Emerging and developed equity markets

We believe it is important to have a broad spectrum of equity investment options available to our clients and our portfolio managers. In order for our clients to fully benefit from the multitude of investment opportunities available around the globe we ensure we've got the world covered. Our Global Equities desk sits at the heart of our Investment Management service, the desk is open around-the-clock, executing trades and processing orders. Many of our links to exchanges are high-speed direct VPN connections; these platforms offer near instant execution and when coupled with the wealth of knowledge and decades of trading experience the Global Equities desk have everything you would expect from a world-class equities broker/dealer.

World class trading platform

Brugest AG works closely with market-makers in real-time, this ensures tight bid/ask spreads. The Global Equities desk will provide you with a simplistic, efficient service with and the ability to also execute complex trades as well as providing timely market data. In today's challenging investment landscape, investors need access to the best trading tools. Our trading and risk-management tools deliver a superior service to traders, hedgers and asset managers so that they have everything they need to maximize the profitability of their trades.

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