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The formation of our Global Investment Team was designed to maximize the potential of our existing expertise in managing large multi-country, multi-asset portfolios for our existing clients while continually growing our client base.

Brugest AG understands that every client has specific needs therefore our asset management solutions are a combination of global and local knowledge, built up over many years that give us the financial understanding that is crucial to success. Our decisions are driven by a constantly driven focus to thoroughly understand of our clients' needs and goals. We use classic fund components and structured product solutions to create individually tailored strategies that meet our clients' needs as close as possible. Regardless of where they are located throughout the world. Our Global Investment Team is on hand so each and every one of our clients will benefit from the knowledge and market understanding that our team of globally assembled Investment Specialists can give.


Brugest AG is accountable for both conceiving and sourcing the right products from our global network to give the best client solutions possible, instigating and coordinating their execution as expeditiously and cost-effectively as possible. We utilize both our own in house resources and by using our Global Investment Team's know-how we can select the best-in-class providers where we are not able to provide the specified product in house.

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