Portfolio Management

Customized portfolio design

Portfolio management to meet client needs

Our portfolio management service is integrated to satisfy clients who wish to ensure their portfolio is administered by professionals in an active manner. We work with every client to gain first-hand knowledge of their individual dreams and aspirations prior to building a bespoke wealth strategy that places their portfolio in the right position to achieve these goals.

Our process requires mutually agreeing the framework which the portfolio will be managed within. Clients are able to choose to establish the framework for how they would like their portfolio to be managed. This can either be ethics based or risk based.

Alternatively a specific performance goal can be defined (e.g. 5%-8% per annum or XXXX income per month). We then execute the portfolio to either maximise the returns within your parameters or to minimise the risk level while accomplishing these defined targets. Our highly professional portfolio managers utilise their broad market knowledge and expertise to make investment judgements on behalf of the clients and respond instantly to market changes when the need arises.

Access to private funding

As part of supplementing our neutral approach for our client's key portfolios, we propose more active holdings that are placed to garner higher returns. One example of the advantages of this active approach is the concept of our private funding alliances.

Our global client contact gives us an enviable network of highly skilled and motivated entrepreneurs with good businesses strategies that have the potential to generate impressive returns if backed financially. Such support is increasingly hard to find as many banks have dramatically reduced their backing of small to medium sized businesses due to the credit crunch. This can leave gifted entrepreneurs disappointed and good opportunities to fall by the wayside. We are extremely proud to be able to assist entrepreneurs and the opportunities they present us through our private funding alliances. We have been able to fund projects whilst diversifying the risk via a number of private clients.

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