Preserving Wealth

Maintain the value of wealth

From building wealth to preserving it

The preservation and effective transfer of accumulated wealth are essential to a well-conceived wealth management plan. Your wealth has the potential to grow over a lifetime; it needs nurturing and protecting for the future. A forward thinking and unified, wealth preservation approach will garner a lasting legacy for you and the ones you love. Under the attentive navigation of your individual financial advisor or wealth manager, and with the added benefit of our Trust and Wealth management Specialists, you can conceive a clear path and take advantage of solutions to guard your wealth and family assets for the future.

We understand the value of being prepared and we work closely with you to understand your goals both now and future while utilizing specific wealth protection tools to help achieve them. Our highly specialized investment and trust and estate specialists, your individual Financial Advisor/ Wealth Manager will provide you with bespoke creative hedging and liquidity strategies. As a client of Brugest AG, you can be secure in the knowledge that provisions will have been taken to initiate the protection of your wealth and legacy goals for your lifetime and for future generations.

Wealth protection services

Contingency funding plan: Through our Financial Advisors/ Wealth Managers, we provide products that safeguard your assets from market volatility and cover your liquidity needs.

Concentrated equity planning: We can set parameters while also hedging undiluted positions for clients owning large equity positions who are unable or unwilling to sell but need reduced exposure to market fluctuations.

Market linked investments: We offer a broad range of bespoke approaches to protect wealth, generate funds or give leverage to pursue your financial requirements.

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