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Ensuring that your financial affairs are in order and are planned methodically is vital in maximizing the benefits you will be passing onto future generations. We are well versed in mitigating any potential Inheritance/Liability Tax that your estate may incur. We guard your estate that you worked long and hard to build is not penalized by tax any more than is absolutely necessary.

We aim to provide all of our clients with peace of mind. Ensuring their family and charities they may support receive as much of their estate as possible.

A comprehensive service

We provide a full estate planning service by firstly determining your objectives and assets before using the details to establish the ideal structure for you and your family. This may vary from a straightforward insurance policy calculated to cover any possible liability due to Inheritance Tax/Liability, to a supplying a more complex and bespoke solution by assembling a variety of tax efficient vehicles such as loan trusts and family benefit trusts.

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