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At Brugest AG we provide wealth management advice across a broad spectrum of clients including individuals, trustees and businesses, we build specific strategies designed to adapt to each client's individual circumstances.

Managing your money effectively is a key and of a highly personal nature. It is imperative your financial advisor is someone you trust implicitly, someone available when you really need them, and someone whose competent skill and knowledge helps you make informed financial decisions throughout of your life.

Globally diversified financial services

With constant legislative changes in the global world of finance, we maintain our commitment to constantly remaining abreast of the latest developments. With this in mind, you can rely on our experienced and competent wealth management professionals to assist you with the management of your finances from investments, insurance planning, and pensions all the way through to inheritance, tax planning and advice on trusts. We cover the whole spectrum of wealth planning.

We are able to offer varying levels of service to suit your requirements and will work with you to conclude the correct level of support for you. Regular reviews should be carried out as often your circumstances and or goals change and we may need to make pertinent adjustments to assure you reach your goals.

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